At Phonarama UK Ltd, we revolutionize mobile phone shop operations with cutting-edge software designed to empower businesses. Our cloud-based platform offers a revolutionary solution—enabling shops to craft screen protectors and skins on-demand, eliminating the need for pre-made stock.

With an extensive database housing over 20,000 templates for a vast range of devices, from legacy models to the latest releases, our software equips mobile phone shops to meet diverse customer needs seamlessly.

Our team of skilled engineers in the UAE meticulously measures and designs protection for new devices. Upon achieving 100% accuracy, these designs are uploaded to our cloud-based system.

A license from Phonarama UK Ltd transforms a shop into a mini-production hub, eradicating reliance on outdated stock. This shift allows precise, on-demand creation, optimizing customer satisfaction and cost efficiency.

Our services redefine mobile phone shop operations, enabling efficient inventory management and cash flow optimization. By empowering shops to produce tailored protectors and skins, we revolutionize the industry, providing self-sufficiency and fostering growth opportunities.

Already serving a growing client base, we continue to pave the way for the future of mobile device protection


  • Simple & easy to use Process
  • plug & play
  • Choose your brand
  • select model
  • select protection category
  • Choose Texture
  • Cut
  • Apply
  • Your device is now protected

Skins Gallery

Extreme Protection Film

    • Self-Healing
    • High Clarity
    • Strong Adhesion
    • Non-Yellowing and No Discoloration:
    • Anti-Scratch
    • Chemical Resistance
    • Adhesive Residue-Free
    • Body Protection


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"Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! The best on the net! The very best."
Amanda Lee
"I STRONGLY recommend Phonarama to EVERYONE interested in running a successful business! We're loving it"
Adam Cheise

Phonarama (UK) LTD

Military-grade thin film, from the research of NASA & US military